Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samal Adventure

Samal is an island located in Davao Gulf separated from mainland of Mindanao by a body of water. The Island is accessible via 15-minute motorboat ride to Babak port from km. ll, Sasa, Davao City, 45-minute-ride to Samal and Kaputian ports from Sta. Ana wharf, Davao City. Ferryboats that carry vehicles and trucks are also available at Barangay Kinawitnon to Km .11, Sasa Davao City. The City has actually five seaports at Kaputian, Samal, Babak , Kinawitnon and Sta. Cruz of Talicud Island.

Samal is known to have picturesque and relaxing beaches. Olanology a Davao Blogger, organize Samal Island Ultimate Adventure "From Islands to Highlands", it is a 2 days and one night trip. There are 20 people who join the event most are Davao Bloggers. The places that we have been to:
Monfort Bat Cave.
You will find over 2 million Fruit Bats total, in all 5 bat caves, because of this it made it to the Guinness World of Record. They actually planned of making an artificial bat cave, for the population of the bats is getting bigger.

Next stop is the Marex Beach Resort.
The owner Doctor Maria Jarex Villarica – Amasol personally tour us to their resort, they really have nice cottages that you and your family could stay overnight or day.
After which she offered as a boat ride to this wonderful Island just across her resort, the Vanishing Island.

I really love the place it is so relaxing that you could just sit whole day watch the beach, feel the water that touches your toes and the air that touches your face.  

Next is Mount Putting Bato.

It is one heck of a trek but ones you reach the top it is some view indeed. WOW is the word.

We stayed overnight in the Kaputian Beach Park, we set up our tents, they have actually cottages available but that time, wasn’t because there was an event, a reunion I think, but luckily we still have space to set up our tent.. Some of our collogues go night swimming but me, my friend miah and rhon go on star gazing but unfortunately the sky isn’t clear enough to see those stars, it is quite gloomy. So we just decided to lie down outside our tent and just feel the cold air.

The next day, Hagimit Falls, it is my second time in Hagimit Falls but I never expected it would be that well tended. The place is so nice, unfortunately my camera was dead it wasn’t fully charge the night before we live for Samal.

Finally La Vida Orchard Resort

it is really a neat place if you plan of just a nice place to sleep overnight. La Vida is a perfect one for you. It was really a great expedition. I love to visit those places again but in a longer time so I could enjoy more of the place.


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