Monday, September 29, 2008

War in Mindanao?

The war in Mindanao was just one of the political tactics to pursue Charter Change (CHA CHA) in the Philippines?

In Para Sa Masa seen in ABC-CBN Davao, every Sunday 9:30AM Mayor Rodrigo Dueterte tells about the negotiation of MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) failed. So to stop the incident which is the war, to be in control of the problem or situation the solution is to amend the constitution which will result to extend the terms of the government officials that Mayor Dueterte disagree of.

I believe of Mayor Dueterte says that amending the constitution at this very moment is not the perfect time, if their intentions are good they have to wait for 2010 because there are more important things to do and better ways to solve the economic crisis of the Philippines. And about the war in Mindanao logically who give the MILF people some guns to fight against the military? Why at this time, that the problem of rice shortage and oil is not that big deal anymore? Because that problem is not strong enough reason to amend the constitution and so they let the MILF and the militaries fight to get sympathy from all of us? If it is so how pitiful those lowest ranking officer of the MILF the militaries and the civilians who were involve, they were just used as pawns.

Now is CHA CHA really the solution to solve the problem? What do you think?

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