Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save the World Today!!!

Have you noticed the change of our world? Have you noticed that there are only few classes of birds flew from the sky and few fishes in the ocean? And have you noticed the change of climate? Did you not realize why we experience great floods, storms and other phenomenal events.

It is because of us, we human beings are supposed to take care of God's creation, but what we do is abuse it or watch people doing it and worst follow them even if it is wrong, without thinking the consequences of their actions. Like dynamite fishing which cause the destruction of the coral reefs the home of the living creatures of the sea, throwing of garbage or waste in any bodies of water and anything that will cause water pollution that we don't know it increase the release of carbon dioxide that is one of the causes why our ozone layer is damaged.

The trees that suppose to stop the carbon dioxide from moving up the surface were cut down by the illegal loggers or some developers who doesn't value the trees as long as their profit is good. Over all effect, the sudden change of climate, Heavy rainfall that leads to floods because there are no enough trees to absorb it. Ice melts in the Arctic Ocean and Polar bears are gone extinct. Nature is giving back what we have done to it.

How are we going to prevent these things to happen? Is it too late to save mother earth? We are the one who make our own destruction or worst our extinction. It is never too late unless God says so. Together we can prevent worst things to happen by joining or relating an organization that will help preserve the environment and always be aware of your surroundings. You can also help by throwing your own garbage in a proper way. If ever you witness any illegal activities, report it to the authorities and help or suggest an entrapment to assure their actions are caught. The choice is really up to us, to decide whether to do what is right and wrong, for the common good.

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