Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas And New Year in Davao City

Christmas and New Year in Davao City was a very peaceful and silent night, for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte creates a law that prevent the use, selling and holding of firecrackers in the city. Meaning it is not allowed, a fine or imprisonment is the punishment for disobeying the law.

Actually there are still stubborn people that thinks could get away with it. As I watch “Para sa Masa” seen in ABC-CBN Davao, every Sunday 9:30AM, there are still many who are imprisoned because of it. They will only be released after they have judged by the court and since there are so many holidays last season, for the mean time they will be detained in jail. And for the kids who were caught they will only stay for one night in jail and a lecture is given to their parents by their Barangay Captains. So they really spent there Christmas and New Year in jail including the families of the detainees. It would be a lesson for them so that this year they will already think twice if they don’t want to spend their Christmas and New Year in jail.

As for me I enjoyed my Christmas and New Year, though I don’t have plenty of gifts received, I am still happy and enjoyed the love and time shared by my family and relatives to be together, to celebrate it. It is like a tradition already to celebrate Christmas Eve in my aunts’ house, we played some parlor games, of course eat a lot and drink less LOL. In New Year we visited one of our cousins who was sick and brought ice cream, to share it with him. Then roam in some places in the city.

Others say that they don’t really feel the spirit of Christmas and New Year without firecrackers. Well for me it is a good thing because, besides that it prevents the accidents that might cause by lighting the firecrackers and the money you spend in buying it, you will also have more time to spend with your family, relatives and friends that keeps the bond much stronger, instead of watching the dazzling firecrackers in the night.

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