Sunday, October 17, 2010

How do you Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Metro Manila?

Manila is one of the busiest places in the Philippines and because of it you won’t know the thieves have an eye for your valuables.

Well when I was in Manila last October 6, 2010 my friends, Miah and Sharon meet me in the airport and then we go up in the departure area because the taxi is cheaper there. They say the yellow taxi has a bigger plug down rate, but before we can get a taxi they warned me to always ask the driver if it’s fixed or metered, for your convenience.

When we are roaming around the city, I always see to it that my things are in tack and that I could get hold of them in my sling bag, for sling bags are just easy to watch over than pack bags. I keep my cards in the secret pocket of my bag and slip some money in it if something went bad. I left some valuable things at home that I’ll know I won’t be using on the road, that is why I left my laptop at my hometown.

But I have a discovery about this amazing anti thief bag that I found in outoftownblog called Pacsafe Commutasafe 100 Laptop Bag that you can’t only put your laptop in it but also some other valuable things secured because of its built in combination lock, slashproof lower and bottom panels of the bag, and that goes with the sling too. This is absolutely a one of the must have things for those who want their valuables to bring it with them anywhere they go.


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