Friday, January 30, 2009

5 Years in All Courses?

Starting school year 2009-2010 courses are now 5 years to take that’s what CHED said. The courses are accountancy, architecture, education, nursing, engineering, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy. In an interview, Angeles said the program is part of the overall effort to transform the Philippine educational system into one that conforms to global standards. Presidential Adviser for Education Mona Valisno also said the five-year courses would do more to improve the Filipino graduates’ competitiveness in the international labor market. For more…

I don’t think this is necessary because most courses like me an engineering graduate have subjects before that does not really relevant to my course and it is already a 5 year course. If they are thinking about the competitiveness in the labor market I suggest they should study each courses first, weight things, what are relevant subjects and the trainings the students need after they graduate. CHED should also see to it that the schools are capable to do these requirements and had enough facilities to accommodate all the students.

One thing also, as we all know we are experiencing a global crisis as they say, some couldn’t anymore afford to go to school so how much more now that it is a five year course already, unless the government will provide part time jobs for the students.

Well I agree to this only if the curriculum is reasonable and that could really benefit the new generation today. Lucky if you are born rich, they can go to any prestigious school they want but either way it will always still up to the students how he or she wants his life to be.
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Miah Laborte said...

tsk3... bitaw, agree.. dapat gani hawaon na nag mga subjects na dli relevant sa course oi, like satoa engineering, naa pa'y life of rizal chuva ek-ek... sus elem. ug HS cge na tackle ana... go ghen, welga wahahaha.. joke.. post more pa ghen... :)