Friday, February 6, 2009

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte VS the Church

Last Sundays’ "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" viewed only in Davao ABS-CBN. Its’ about the issue of the allegation of Father Lamata towards Mayor Rodrigo Duterte about Mayor Duterte as a killer that made him angry that leads to, definitely destroy the credibility of the priest and of the Catholic Church. He said last Sunday February 1, 2009 reading the marriage Certificate authenticated by the NSO (National Statistic Office) states that Pedro Pedragosa Lamata was married to Ma. Asuncion Baluran on May 11, 1982. Mayor Dueterte was really unstoppable that time but even though he still requested for a settlement between the two of them but Mayor wants it in public so that there will be no other issues be raised. For more...

Well as I see it the Church should stick to their responsibilities in the society as our Government here in Davao does, by telling the good words of God, these values, by reminding the people how to be good not what the government have done to our society, like last Saturdays homily of the Priest it seems like he is provoking the people to fight against the government, to take a rally or what, is he not suppose to tell us to be good instead to be right, because that’s what God wants us to be, to be good children. We have different roles to perform in this world Even Jesus Christ says to the People that “what is for Cesar is for Cesar and what is for the God is for the God.” it shows that God wants as to perform accordingly.

If they are true that Mayor Duterte is a killer then I will thank him for because almost all that was being killed were hoodlums and I believe that the people who are innocent will fight for it and our government here in Davao will support them, but it doesn’t mean that killing a person is good, of course not, it is like the movie Constantine if you have seen it you will understand what I mean. Well I would still say that Davao is still a livable and peaceful city compared to other places.

Either way, as they all say nobody is perfect but trough these experiences that we have there is always a lesson to be learned and there is always a cup of tea or coffee to talk it over. Watch this Sunday morning not sure of the schedule if it is 9 or 11 in the morning for the update of the issue.


Ambo Upe (olenx) said... body is perfect but always can be better n better. Nice post...

Walt said...

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Bless you my friend.