Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Because of the FARE

Jeepney is our means of transportation here in Davao, if you pay your fare you have to ask politely a favor of the person nearer to the driver or to the person in charge of holding the fare to give it to them, but what happened is when I am ready to pay my ride, I ask politely to this three young ladies who happened to be a student in the Ateneo de Davao University College, that at least one of them to give it to Jeepney driver.

I am not sure if they didn’t hear me really because they were talking or maybe just pretended that they didn’t hear me, so I touch the person near to me to get her attention and ask again politely to hand over my fare to the Jeepney driver and with a thank you of course. Yes she takes my fare and sarcastically imitates what I just said to her to her friends when she hand it over to person nearer to the driver.

Well I did not expect that kind of discourtesy from a respectable University may be they weren’t listening to their values class, absent or failed the subject. While talking to my co-worker a lady ask politely to hand over her fare so I took it and again the three young ladies I mentioned lately ignored me so I just hand it over to person at the opposite side of the seat. I didn’t know that the person next to me notice it, she just told me that they were deaf and the only thing they know is to make their self pretty and I think I know what she wants to tell me.

Well I think the world today really needs help because young generation today doesn’t really understand these basic values that were thought during Primary Education or maybe because of the fast change in this world, schools has already for got to teach these core values to there students but I guess it’s not really the fault of Education because they are in the right age so it’s not an excuse if the person grow up that way, may be I think because they choose to live and act that way, that in fact we have the freedom to choose.

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Miah Laborte said...

tsk3... may mga taong ganyan na talaga ang gali, kahit turuan pa ng values if ganyan tlga, sayang lang ang effort ng teacher... hehehe... hmmm so far, naa pud ko na-encounter ana pero murag once lang... either bungol jud xa o nagpa bungool2 lang jud... hahaha... keep on posting ghen!