Tuesday, February 24, 2009


They say that men are polygamous in nature, that they can’t resist temptation. Well I guess I have to disagree with that. First I have to tell you his story first. This teacher was invited by his student to have dinner with her, so he agrees thinking that they will just eat in a restaurant. But as they reached the place it was not as what he expected, it was a beer house, that you can see people smoking and drinking, and outside there were prostitutes waiting for their customers. Surprisingly what he did, he told the girl that he can’t stay any longer for he is not comfortable with the place, though the girl insisted him to stay and suggested to ignore the people around or may be close his eyes he still choose to go.

It just shows that we do have a choice, some are involve with these immorality because they choose to, well in fact they can resist it if they want to I believe that we have all the freedom to choose, we can’t blame any circumstances that we can’t stop it from happening. What’s the purpose of our mouth if we can’t speak and say something? What’s wrong in saying “NO” when you know for a fact that it is the good thing to do? You might not realize it now but that seed that you have planted may have healthy fruits yet suffers deep scars within.


zu said...

Hi, just drop by with a smile..

Noarch said...

I think we are all what we want ourselves to be. We will always be tempted since we like diversity. But if you love someone you gotta fight extra hard not to fall into that direction. It is easy to say "it isn't my fault,it's my nature"