Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bali Bali Samal Hmmmm......?

When I first saw it in the internet it was really enticing, the place was so great and you would definitely say “WOW”. I was so excited to go there. I borrowed my sisters’ camera to take some of the pictures that Jojie had taken in the place but sadly I was not able to. It is a 20-30 minutes boat ride from Lanang to Bali Bali Resort Samal.

When we got there, the first thing you will see is this fine hut in the docking area where passengers could sit back and relax while waiting for your boat in going home or just the pleasure of sitting there just to get some fresh air, and their catwalk towards the place were nice. When I reach their main attraction their so called “infinity pool”, it was so inviting, it has a kids pool, a mini somewhat like a Jacuzzi and I think it’s a 4ft for adults. I do have the chance to swim in, but my other companions weren’t able to for infinity = 10. Their landscape around the pool was so neat and calm.

But what I don’t like about the place is their beach wasn’t that pleasing, there are too many sea urchins and corals that are painful to your feet when you step on it. Also the owner wasn’t polite to treat their guest. Their staffs were great but the owner wasn’t, she was so ruthless in driving us away from the pool side for it wasn't part of the conditions made which we don't know about. We are only allowed to stay at the beach side, but she could have talk well to the leader of the group to relay the message because we don’t know what the arrangements are. They should have cleared it out to the person in charge before the group got there.

I would love to go around the place hoping to get some more nice pictures and to experience what Bali Bali is all about, but unfortunately the fun just end because of the same reason. We just enjoy ourselves taking picture of ourselves of the scenery of the place like criminals. LOL

If your intention is to enjoy the beach with your kids I don’t recommend it. Bring some floaters, for you can swim in the docking area for those who don’t know how to swim but would love to swim in the beach. The beach was so clear and clean by the way. Their food was delicious. Lastly clear things out first to the owner, of who are you talking to so that there would be no problem when you get there. Overall in the rate from 1 to 10, 10 as the highest I give it a 6 for I haven’t seen other part of the place and enjoyed some of their amenities.


nitzky said...

nice post...keep it up

Another Blogger said...

Where's exactly bali bali samal???
Loev your picture on the posting. Great Job.

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Thanks for the info on Bali Bali.

Well written.

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